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Who we are

Located in Augsburg we are an independent company that supplies Sustainable, Traditional and British Style Garden Hand Tools, Accessories, Seeds and Gifts For Gardeners.

Originally from England, Danny Henry started 'The Great British Garden Company' idea back in England 2010 selling a small range of traditional gardening tools direct to Gardeners. By 2013 The Great British Garden Company audience had grown and was receiving a great deal of interest from both within and outside of the UK, particularly from Germany and Austria. Whilst exhibiting at a Garden Show in Bavaria during the late summer of 2013 Danny met his partner, fell in love, and decided to stay.

  • Quote Danny Henry; "I fell in love with a German lady and also with Germany. I have great affection for both our countries and think that we share many similar principles and ideas, especially in the Garden." 
  • We use a mixture of both modern and traditional manufacturing processes to create a range of practical garden products with soul. We supply and support a growing network of dedicated retailers who share the desire to promote our unique range of Garden Products. 

  • We have Online sales 365 days of the year for those who cannot find our products in their local area. And we attend many events throughout the year to promote our products to both the retailers and also to the end user. This approach enables us to promote our brand and products to as wide a range of people as possible.


Our Beliefs

  • We all have a choice over what we buy and what we sell. At The Great British Garden Company we strongly believe that unless a product has a positive effect on the environment and the people who make and use the product, then it has no place within our range.

  • Having eco and ethical principles doesn't mean that style and quality need to be compromised. With careful thought and consideration the goods we use should remain practical and shouldn't cost the earth, in every sense. 

  • Wherever we are , the more time we spend outdoors in a relaxed environment, doing something productive, the happier we generally are. Growing is our way of achieving this, and it is a wonderful way to spend a few hours outdoors.

  • We learn by sharing our thoughts and ideas. The more we do this the better chance we have of creating a better world for our futures.


What we do 

  • Wherever possible, we always try to use FSC Certified wood and natural, sustainable materials in our products.

  • Work with suppliers that share our own environmental and ethical principles.  

  • We keep product packaging to an absolute minimum. 

  • Reuse and recycle wherever possible. This means that from time to time our packaging does vary. Don't be surprised if your order sometimes comes wrapped in last week's Financial Times!

  • Consider the environmental impact of our products, from concept & design through to the products' own end of life.

  • Practice what we preach. Nobody is perfect but we try at all times to maintain our beliefs and never put profit over ethics. This is about lifestyle choice, not profit over happiness.

  • We are advocates of both organic and locally produced goods and services and keep our range as natural as possible.

  • Share with the world our beliefs and ideas in sustainable gardening and growing practices. 

  • Believe in what we do, work hard, enjoy it and hopefully grow together.

  • Share what we know, be open and make our customers our priority.


Contact us anytime by the usual means; phone and e-mail or alternatively, why not come and see us in person. We always love to meet our customers and anyone else who is interested about what we are doing. We encourage you to come and enjoy a day out at one of the many great events we are attending throughout the year.


Thank you for reading this. Now go outside and get your hands dirty!

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